Karl-Ludwig Selig: «Studies on Alciato in Spain»

Karl-Ludwig Selig
Studies on Alciato in Spain
New edition, including the emblems mentioned in the book, established by Peter Jehle, Sebastian Neumeister and Ana Yakimova.
2018; x, 242 pp. Softcover; 16 x 24 cm.; inglés, español.
(Europäische Profile 70)
ISBN: 978-3-944244-58-7 | 42,- €

Karl-Ludwig Selig (1926-2012) taught at several universities as Professor of Romance Languages before joining Columbia University in 1966 where he remained until his retirement in 1989. Studies on Alciato in Spain published in 1990 is much more than merely a document from the early state of emblem research in America. It is nothing less than «desde hace muchos años uno de los más importantes estudios sobre el tema» (Biblioteca digital Siglo de Oro). It presents not only texts and interpretations pioneering later investigation in the field, but also ideas and bibliographical data still worth reading until today because of their informative and creative potential. In order to really get in touch with Karl-Ludwig Selig’s intentions the re-edition of Studies on Alciato in Spain has been furnished with the entire emblems (inscriptio, pictura and subscriptio) cited by the author, but for technical reasons not included as such in the 1990 edition of the text.

It is unquestionable that international research on emblems and emblem theory has progressed tremendously since 1990. It has inspired a great many books and articles dealing with particular emblems or emblem books as well as general observations on emblem theory. Karl-Ludwig Selig’s Studies on Alciato in Spain can be regarded as one of the foundation stones of such activities. His work, as a contribution to the subject from a historically remote, but clear-sighted standpoint, still deserves our full attention.



Preliminary Note by Sebastian Neumeister


1. Introduction

2. The Spanish Translations of Alciato’s Emblemata

3. The Theory of the Emblem in Spain: The Fundamental Texts

4. Alciato and Mal Lara

5. Emblems and Hieroglyphics in some Spanish Miscellanies of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries

6. Emblems and Devices in Covarrubias’ Tesoro de la lengua castellana

7. Alciato and Gracián

Appendix I. Critical Bibliography of Spanish Emblem Books
Appendix II. Andrés Mendo’s Principe Perfecto

Some Additional Bibliographical Notes (1990/2016)

List of Reproduced Emblems


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